VisArtico V 0.9 - August. 2012
★ New version ★

To download the current version of VisArtico, please fill the form below or send an email to Please provide the following information (name, academic institution, and your main research field). Please also provide what version of the software do you need (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
You will receive a link for a one time download. Please make sure that you agree to the following terms of use.

Terms of use

VisArtico is free for non-commercial and non-military use. We highly encourage academic to use it and we appreciate any feedback that can improve the future version.This software is provided as it is. It is highly recommended to backup your data and to work on a copy. We are not responsible of the loss of any of your data.


When using VisArtico in your work, please use the following reference:

Slim Ouni, Loïc Mangeonjean, Ingmar Steiner (2012) VisArtico: a visualization tool for articulatory data, Interspeech2012, September 9-13, 2012, Portland, OR, USA.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask, but you should be patient for my reply :)
I appreciate any feedback on the use of VisArtico.

Please note that the latest version will be available in few weeks. In the meanwhile, you can download the current version below:

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